In3 Capital qualified industry sectors

These are the main renewables-related industry sectors currently qualified for project financing through In3’s program when the technology pathway is proven.

If you don’t see your space, want to know how we define “proven”, or are working with a combination of technologies (some commercially proven, others not), visit or contact us to discuss.  Also check back — new industries are added periodically.

  1. Biomass (for biofuels, biomaterials, etc.)Storage of wooden biomass
  2. Concentrated Solar (CSP)
  3. Energy Efficiency (such as LED lighting retrofits), often in combination with other solutions
  4. Fuel Cells (see below for other storage)
  5. Geothermal
  6. Hydroelectricity (small scale – no reservoirs)
  7. Landfill Gas
  8. Marine (Wave, Tidal, etc.)
  9. Small or Micro Hydro
  10. MicroGrids
  11. MRF
  12. OTEC
  13. SMR Nuclear
  14. Solar Ground Mountsolar and wind power in sunset,green energy background
  15. Solar PV Rooftop
  16. Storage – Battery (such as Battery Energy Storage Systems or BESS for grid stabilization)
  17. Storage – Compressed Air
  18. Storage – Mechanical or Thermal
  19. Storage – Pumped Hydro
  20. Transmission Line – AC
  21. Transmission Line – HVDC
  22. Waste Recovery
  23. Waste-to-Energy or Waste-to-Value
  24. Water DistributionWastewater Treatment Plant - Indonesia
  25. Water Production
  26. Water Reclamation
  27. Water Treatment
  28. Regenerative / Sustainable Agriculture (ask us)

Geographic focus:  we work primarily in the Americas (including the USA), Europe and these emerging/developing countries.

Use our Readiness and Investment Navigator (RAIN) assessment to obtain your pre-qualification scores then contact us for next steps.